🌟4 Key Steps I Did to Make a Small Business Thrive 🌟

True story to inspire you to try it yourself. Do something nice for your brand today! Not today, now.

Few years ago I worked with a small fitness business from my hometown. The owner wanted to distinguish his studio among the big sharks and realised that only a good branding will help him do it.Before he contacted me he tried paid ads, word of mouth, even flyers, but nothing seemed to work. His studio was boutique, but very nice and fancy. It deserved some branding love. ❤️

✨ I will guide you step by step what we did, feel free to apply it on your business. ✨

From my experience, people are more afraid of change than they show. Resistance to change is real, folks!

That’s why we first started with social media rebranding, but he committed to the full package. His landing page was only telling story about how his studio was nice and fancy, not really how he could benefit his customers! (WHAAAT? 🤯 I know..)Okay, here it goes:

💪 We rebranded the social media accounts choosing 2 social media channels.

You don’t want to waste time and resources. From my experience it is better to focus on 1-3 social media channels and build a community there. 👩🏫💪 We rewrote the whole landing page that shows interest in his customers and not bragging about how nice his studio was. Don’t get me wrong, it was really nice, but what does that do for ME?

💪 I made him post as a CEO on social media => made it more personal.

People were coming because of him and his personal trainings anyway. It’s important to see there is a person behind the brand. We built trust and connection like that.

💪 I made his persona more vulnerable: he shared some personal stories and showed his community he didn’t always look like he looks now => his customers also could succeed with hard work.

AAAAND magic! ✨He was so happy! His business started thriving AND he built a community of friends. He didn’t need that many customers, but he needed those that won’t leave his studio because the cheaper one opens in the neighbourhood.

That’s the power of branding! ✨✨✨

By following these four essential steps, you will not only establish a strong brand presence but also cultivate a loyal community of customers who will champion your business. 🌱

Get ready to embark on a journey of transformation and unlock the true potential of your brand!

What would you do first? Are you also afraid of change?

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