Brand campaigns

Bitpanda Stocks and rebranding teaser

Rethinking investment for the digital age by making it more understandable and engaging, so everyone can become an expert investor.

Who is Bitpanda and what do they do?

Big news from Bitpanda, Austria's esteemed fintech unicorn! They're not just adding stocks to their platform but also giving themselves a fresh new look. It's like getting a new wardrobe and adding a cool accessory at the same time.

So, as Bitpanda steps into the stock market game, they're also showing off a modern style that matches their growth. This double move isn't just about money; it's about making investing easy and looking good doing it.


✨ Update Bitpanda's image to fit its current place in the market.

✨ Improve the user experience across the board.

✨ Remind everyone that Bitpanda is a cutting-edge player in fintech.


Brand Makeover

Easy-to-Use Design

Telling the Story

New Website Look

Launch Plan

“Take your slice of the cake”

The idea behind the pie is that the pie itself is your portfolio that is made of many fractional stocks and that you don’t have to be rich to buy one expensive stock, but you can buy easily only a part you can afford, but still buy a piece of your favorite company you believe in.


Brand Identity Overhaul

✨Conducted an in-depth analysis of Bitpanda's current brand perception and future aspirations.

✨Crafted a modernized brand identity, encompassing a refreshed logo, color palette, and visual elements that conveyed innovation and trust.

User-Centric Design

✨Collaborated with our UX/UI experts to redesign Bitpanda's digital interfaces, ensuring an intuitive and seamless user experience.

Communicating Evolution

✨Developed a narrative highlighting Bitpanda's journey, from its inception to becoming a unicorn startup.

✨Implemented a communication strategy across various channels to keep the audience informed and engaged in the rebranding process.

Landing Page Redesign

✨Created a new landing page that mirrored the updated brand aesthetic and seamlessly guided users through the platform's offerings.

✨Emphasised clarity in messaging, utilising concise copy and visually engaging elements to communicate Bitpanda's key features and value proposition.

Strategic Launch Campaign

✨Orchestrated a phased launch campaign, teasing the rebrand on social media and generating anticipation.

Project Outcome

✨ Positive User Feedback

✨ Increased User Engagement

✨ Media Recognition

✨ Repositioned Brand Image

Amazing Results

The rebranding of Bitpanda marked a significant milestone in the company's journey, successfully modernizing its brand identity and enhancing user experience. The strategic coordination of visual elements, user-centric design principles, and effective communication strategies played a pivotal role in solidifying Bitpanda's reputation as a fintech trailblazer in the ever-evolving digital landscape. This case study underscores the transformative power of a well-executed rebranding initiative in fostering positive user perception and sustaining industry leadership.