Brand campaigns

Bitpanda's 360° Brand Awareness Campaign

Bitpanda, Austria's trailblazing fintech unicorn, sought to establish itself as a household name in the competitive world of cryptocurrency.

Bitpanda, Austria's trailblazing fintech unicorn, sought to establish itself as a household name in the competitive world of cryptocurrency.


Elevate Bitpanda's brand recognition.

Foster trust and reliability in the fintech sector.

Communicate the company's commitment to accessible cryptocurrency services.


Holistic Branding Approach

Developed a cohesive brand narrative highlighting Bitpanda's journey, emphasizing its role as the pioneer unicorn startup in Austria's fintech landscape.
Created a visually appealing brand identity that conveyed innovation, trustworthiness, and accessibility

Proofed that investing is for everyone, starting from €1

Multichannel Presence

Utilised a diverse array of platforms, including social media, digital advertising, traditional media, community engagement and OOH billboards, to reach a broad audience.

Crafted tailored messages for each platform to ensure relevance and resonance across different demographics.

Educational content

Implemented an educational content strategy to demystify cryptocurrency, positioning Bitpanda as a trusted source for information.

Utilised blog posts, infographics, and video content to simplify complex concepts, catering to both novices and experienced users.

Community Building

Fostered a sense of community through social media engagement and a design contest

Encouraged user-generated content and testimonials to create an authentic connection between Bitpanda and its users.


👉 Exponential Growth in User Base:

Witnessed a significant surge in user registrations and platform engagement, establishing Bitpanda as the European go-to platform not only for cryptocurrency services, but also other digital assets: stocks, commodities, metals etc.

👉 Media Recognition:

Secured extensive media coverage, both nationally and internationally, showcasing Bitpanda as a leading force in the fintech sector.

👉 Positive Brand Sentiment:

Monitored social media sentiment and customer feedback, revealing a substantial increase in positive perceptions and trust towards the Bitpanda brand.

👉 Sustained Brand Momentum:

The 360° brand awareness campaign laid the foundation for sustained growth, positioning Bitpanda as a trusted and recognizable player in the fintech arena.

Through a meticulously crafted 360° brand awareness campaign, Bitpanda not only solidified its standing as the first Austrian unicorn startup but also emerged as a beacon of innovation and reliability in the ever-evolving world of fintech. This case study underscores the power of a holistic approach in building brand recognition, fostering trust, and driving user engagement.