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Pop Into Berlin

Pop into Berlin is an initiative of visitBerlin in cooperation with be Berlin. Catch the spirit of Berlin by popping up to their store!

In September 2015 in five European cities (Stockholm, London, Paris, Vienna, Amsterdam) were about to open Pop-up stores and promote the creative, innovative and liveable Berlin. The stores were located in the hip spots of the city, opening each for a period of one week and invite you to learn about Berlin and grab a bite of the Berlin Spirit.


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Introducing "Pop into Berlin" - an exciting and groundbreaking brand awareness campaign that brought the captivating spirit of Berlin to the city of Vienna for the very first time.

Catch the Spirit of Berlin – pop into our store!

As an initiative completely unknown to the Viennese audience, we embarked on a mission to introduce the brand and its unique offerings. The response was overwhelming, as the people of Vienna embraced the concept with open arms. The pop-up store became a buzzing hub of creativity, attracting curious locals who were eager to explore the creative, livable, and active lifestyle of Berlin. The positive feedback and enthusiastic engagement from the Viennese community solidified the success of the campaign, establishing a strong brand presence and leaving a lasting impression. "Pop into Berlin" became a memorable and cherished experience, igniting a newfound appreciation for the vibrant Berlin culture within the hearts of Vienna's citizens.

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