Art direction

Wine & Design

Come to the exhibition, leave with a brand.

Wine & Design is a contest organised by “Wines of Serbia”.
They wanted to promote Serbian wineries – both big and small. In Serbia there is plenty of very good small wineries in the northern Serbia region called Vojvodina. They are mostly small family businesses and that didn’t care much about the brand or design, but more about the quality of wine.

“Wines of Serbia” had this great idea to organise a contest and later also an exhibition od the wine lables made by regional designers from ex-Yugoslavia. I was a part of it.

After the exhibition there was a small auction where the wineries could bid and buy the designs they liked most and proceed with the collaboration with the artist if they needed more – for example if they wanted a new branding or a packaging.

The main idea behind

Connect and network, that's what this was all about. Let's help wineries to build their brands even if they didn't have a chance before.

The contest aimed to address a crucial need within the industry – the lack of branding for many small wineries. Recognising this challenge, Wines of Serbia connected artists like myself with these wineries, providing a platform to showcase our talents and help shape their brand identities.

Throughout the contest, I had the privilege of designing wine labels that not only enhanced the visual appeal of the bottles but also captured the essence and story of each winery. It was an exhilarating journey of creativity, collaboration, and the celebration of Serbian winemaking excellence.

Wine & History

Since the most wineries were from the northern Serbia region, I decided to find inspiration in the old books and their history. I researched the architecture and the fashion from the end of the 19th century and made illustrations that look like from those times. I wanted to show how long the tradition of the wineries dates back. The owners of the wineries loved it and I sold 3 of my designs to different wineries.


  • Wine label design
  • Packaging design
  • Concept & art direction in the later phases